trikoma seeds

Trikoma seeds

We are a semi-bank located in Barcelona whose main interest is to offer high quality semi-banks at very affordable prices. We have at your disposal the best genetic varieties that are on the market at much higher prices.
All our spouses are 99.9% women. We work to improve genetics every year by creating ever more productive varieties with delicious flavors. At Trikoma Seeds we are trying to grow in an ecological and sustainable way, developing varieties that adapt to the cultivation processes of professionals and breeders.

And our seeds

All the plants that we offer in the catalog have been cultivated since time immemorial, neglecting their growth and development to offer a high quality seed in all genetics. The data offered in terms of seasons and productions of each variety are verified under optimal growing conditions.
At Trikoma Seeds we are not responsible for semi-abuse. We always trust in the good intentions of our customers.

This product is for children under 18 only.


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