Somango XL

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Robust and productive genetics

The effect of the high comes on very quickly and it brings about a calming feeling of peaceful clarity. The high is guaranteed not to leave you feeling sluggish or tired, and it is great for drowning out pesky distractions so that you can begin focusing on whatever you wish to set your mind to. The high is very strong and can last for several hours as it is 18% THC. It is the perfect strain for garnering inspiration for creative endeavors.

The strain was originally introduced due to a demand for a plant that could produce a euphoric, classic high without a side-effect of lethargy. It was created by breeding two of the most productive and robust plants available, Somango and Critical 47. This hybrid has been tested on a massive scale . Since its availability has increased, it has earned the adoration of many who reap the benefits of purchasing this seed.

Condensed plant with strong buds

Somango feminized has a genetic blend of 25% sativa and 75% indica. The dominance of indica is responsible for the fast onset of the high. The plant grows in a very condensed shape while maintaining a sense of beauty and elegance. It reaches a petite maximum of 100 centimeters tall when grown indoors, making it perfect for those who desire a smaller plant. When given the chance to flourish outdoors, it can stretch up to 200 centimeters tall. It sports numerous hardy branches that produce robust buds. Mature plants have leaves with silky purple hues and buds that are dusted with a fine coat of crystals.

Can be harvested after flowering 8 weeks only

It is recommended that you give this plant about 9 weeks to reach its full flowering potential. Some growers have found that the plant will finish flowering and can be harvested for its products as early as 8 weeks. When growing your plant outdoors, the harvest time occurs at the end of September.

When cared for indoors with proper water, nutrients, and humidity control, your plant can grant you a yield as plentiful as 575 grams per m2. When the plant is given the chance to grow outdoors, it can yield 600 grams per plant dried.

Good for newbies and expert growers

It has been hailed by many as a great plant for new growers as well as seasoned ones. The plant is quite hardy and is widely considered to be quite easy to maintain. Despite its tendency to be enduring, its penchant for growing in a compact manner coupled with the massive size of the buds creates a dense foliage that must be given special care. Carefully controlling the humidity in which it is grown should prevent mold and provide for a healthy plant that will continue to deliver great buds.

Somango XL data sheet
1772_val_family-feminized_1.svg Strain Type: Feminized
29_THC_1.svg THC: 18%
30_CBD_1.svg CBD: Medium
33_Yield%20indoors_1.svg Yield Indoor : 525 - 575 gr/m2
34_yield%20outdoor_1.svg Yield Outdoor: 550 - 600 gr/plant
31_plant%20height%20outdoor_1.svg Height Indoor: 60 - 100 cm
32_plant%20height%20outdoors_1.svg Height Outdoor: 120 - 200 cm
25_flowering%20time_1.svg Flowering time: 8 - 10 weeks
27_harvest%20period_1.svg Harvest Month: Late September
23_genetic%20background_1.svg Genetic Background: Somango x Critical 47
28_Type-Blend_1.svg Type: Sativa 25% Indica 75%
22_Effect_1.svg Effect: Powerful , Stoned
35_Climate_1.svg Climate: Mild
46_Flavour.svg Flavor: Fruity

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