NEW YORK Diesel - Femminizzati- 3 semi

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Details:As the name suggests it has its roots in New York City, NY Diesel is a Sativa dominant hybrid (60% Sativa and 40% Indica) strain with quite an amount of strains thrown in the parental mix , too many to get into right now. The short version of this strains lineage is a cross of the popular Sour Diesel and Afghan and Hawaiian Indicas. The plant produces heavily crystal covered buds with a relatively low density. It has a sweet fruity smell and taste. NY Diesel will give you a complete high, an uplifting cerebral sativa feeling combined with mellow body stone.

Additional Information

Strain OriginSour Diesel mixed with Afghan and Hawaiian Indicas
Strain GeneticsMostly Sativa, stable hybrid Sativa (60%) Indica (40%)
THC Level15 - 20%
CBD levelNo
Average HeightUp to 300 cm
Average Yield+/- 500 gr/m2
Flowering time+/- 10 weeks
Harvest outdoorMid October
High ExperienceCerebral head high with a twist of body stone


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NEW YORK Diesel - Femminizzati- 3 semi

NEW YORK Diesel - Femminizzati- 3 semi